Truth, Justice, and Charity

Lincoln Emblem Club #433 of Lincoln, Illinois was established in 1967. The Lincoln Emblem Club is a subset of the Supreme Emblem Club of the United States and one of the clubs affiliated with Wisconsin-Illinois-Indiana-Michigan (WIIM) State Association. Lincoln Emblem Club members perform charity work to support their tennants of community service, literacy, drug awareness, Americanism, and scholarship.

2024 Scholarship Winners

The Lincoln Emblem Club is proud to announce this year’s scholarship winners. First Place went to Jane Spellman who was awarded $1500 in honor of Lee Rust and $500 in honor of Diane Farmer. Second Place went to Erin Peterson who was awarded $1500.

2024-2026 Officer Installation

The officer installation for Bloomington, Lincoln, and Peoria Emblem Clubs will take place Sunday, April 28, 1:00 pm, at the Lincoln Elks ballroom. Supreme President Joyce Allison and Supreme Marshal Susan Franklin will be conducting the installation.

Did you know?

  • Males are joining Emblem Clubs across the nation. It is not just a club for women.
  • You do not have to be an Elks member to join. The Emblem Club is an independent organization.
  • Emblem Club is not just an “old ladies” club. Anyone ages 16 or older can join.
  • Although we are titled Lincoln Emblem Club, anyone in or outside of Lincoln may join. We have members from Broadwell, Bloomington, New Holland, Sherman, and even out of state.